What are MBA programs?

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What are MBA programs?, The MBA means superior ability, courage and character, representing wealth, status and power, and honor.

In recent years, most people will study business administration, which is fashionable in the current market. Today, Xiaobian will give you a review of what the MBA program is!

There are three types of MBA programs. The

first it is for the top management of the company. It is usually used after working hours. It’s called Executive mba (emba). Participate in the joint national management review. :

The second is for in-service administrators to register to improve their management knowledge of the general MBA program, working in Master of Business Administration (only a master’s degree) and full-time Master of Business Administration (they have university degrees and a master’s degree );

The third is a master’s program in business administration (MBA, for its acronym in English) for a two-year work experience to strengthen their business management base, also known as Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA).

First, the objectives of the training are different. The Master in Business Administration is a pragmatic, composed and applied high level management talent that can satisfy the needs of top management of commercial companies and economic management departments, with special emphasis on mastering modern management theories and methods.

Through the analysis of business cases, practical observation, analysis and training in decision-making skills to cultivate the practical skills of students, students will be challenged in terms of knowledge and skills, personality and psychology, goals and aspirations, and will have the strength of professional competence, while other graduate students focuses on theoretical studies and academic research.

The content of the course covers administration, economics, finance, finance, law, etc., as well as training in leadership competencies and skills, as well as communication skills, operational skills, ability to judge and solve problems, etc.