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MBA, the curricular system of the Tsinghua MBA program is a continuous improvement of the «new curricular MBA system» with advanced concepts.

The new curricular system pursues the balance of knowledge, capacity and character.

the balance between academic rigor and practical relevance, and the balance between China’s roots and the global vision.

Adopt four measures: soft skills development, experimental learning, integrated learning and globalization. Develop the leadership and entrepreneurship of MBA students through experiential learning.

The new curricular system has been adapted to the development requirements of future MBA education and has led the transformation of MBA home education. Participate in the new MBA program at Tsinghua and you will have a unique learning experience.

The new curricular system of Tsinghua MBA consists of three parts: basic course, elective course and graduation report. The main courses are all general and basic courses, which can establish a solid base for the follow-up study of MBA students.

Upon completion of the course, MBA students after school can choose courses from the School of Economics and Administration, Tsinghua University and foreign institutions according to their individual needs, and carry out personalized learning. In the final stage of the graduation report, MBA students can combine their real work and interest in learning to complete a comprehensive and practical graduation report, which will achieve the goal of integrating and deepening the school.

Tsinghua University – MIT double degree program

Tsinghua MBA students can apply for a double degree program in cooperation with a well-known foreign institution. After reaching the graduation standards of the two schools, they can obtain two school titles. The students of the Global MBA program of Tsinghua-MIT apply for the second semester after enrollment and then begin a three-year semester to study at an associated institution. Students of the Tsinghua MBA Program (in service) generally begin studying at an associate institution after completing the required course.

Introduction to the project

On October 29, 2008, MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT) officially launched a new Master of Management (MSMS) program with four well-known Asian and European business schools, including the School of Economics and Administration at Tsinghua University. We are committed to cultivating high level global management talent. The Tsinghua MBA students will first complete the relevant required courses at Tsinghua University. In the second year, they will go to the Sloan School of Management at MIT to study at a professional address. Students who complete the relevant study requirements can obtain a master’s degree in business administration from Tsinghua University and a master’s degree in administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Each year, 3-6 students usually request success. For more information, visit the MIT website at: MIT:

Conditions of application

  • Students of the Tsinghua program -MIT Global MBA in the Tsinghua MBA program (work) students in reading or reading
  • the completion of the online application of MIT Sloan EMEM
  • The results of GMAT or GRE tests
  • TOEFL is not necessary if the performance is excellent, it is recommended to submit
  • Transcription
  • recommendation letters
  • Test
  • Curriculum vitae

Tsinghua University-Columbia University Business Analysis Double degree Master Program

The dual-degree programs of the Master of Business Analysis at Tsinghua University and Columbia University aim to cultivate high-level talent with solid knowledge of management theory and information technology, an international vision of the future and a large practical ability to participate in business analysis.

Application and registration time.

Application time: students will submit an application in January of each year, after the MIT review and interview, the results of the admission will be announced in March. (Time schedule for specific year)
Enrollment: MBA tuition fees Tsinghua University, MIT Sloan scenario + (see the 2016-2017 school year: $ 65,000), a global project for students of Tsinghua University can apply for the double degree is equivalent to 50% scholarships MBA enrollment .