MBA workplace: if you are a talent, do not wait for the boss to organize your work.

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MBA workplace: if you are a talent, do not wait for the boss to fix your work. There are always people in the company who are often inactive and have nothing to do. The leader approaches and asks him the reason.

He said: The things he fixed are finished, nothing. These people exist in all the companies, and they think it’s very good to make the boss’s arrangements.

The leader approaches and asks the reason. He said: «The things you fixed are done, it’s fine.» These people exist in all the companies, they think, they end The things that the boss arranged were very good. However, in the company, although it is very important to act obediently, the spirit of personal initiative is more important.

In the new economic era, former «obedient» employees have lost their competitive advantage. Today, companies appreciate the kind of people who automatically go to work without having to ask the boss.

        Carnegie, the world-famous American steel king, said: «There are two types of people who are doomed to achieve nothing, one is someone who will never take the initiative unless others ask him to do it. Even if others want him to do it, he also Those who do not do it well Those who do not need to be urged by others will take the initiative to do what they should do, and those who will not leave him half will succeed. make a greater effort and pay more, and what others expect more. «

When the famous professional manager Wei Zhegang entered the workplace, there was a good story. In 1992, when Wei Zhe was still studying at the Shanghai International Studies University, he went to work at Wan Guo Securities to quit his job. An annual report that he translated was affirmed by Guan Jinsheng, president of the United States, who said he should meet this young man. It was this meeting that made Wei Zhe the secretary of Guan Jinsheng, the father of China Securities.

Unlike the general secretary, Wei Zhe is very active in his work, thinking about what the boss thinks and the boss’s urgency. At first, Guan Jinsheng only asked Wei Zhe to translate the annual report and cut out the newspaper. These things are trivial for ordinary people, but Wei Zhe considers it an important event and has worked hard. Wei Zhe is very careful about which of the many newspaper clippings the boss sees and then guides them. These things, the boss did not ask him to do it. Later, Guan Jinsheng could not eat at noon after reading the newspaper clippings.

As secretary, Wei Zhe has to do something small for the boss to pour water, and he also has many skills. For example, when a meeting, when to pour tea, will not interrupt the passion of the boss, when to pour water without tea, when to drink tea, the boss has the habit of smoking, when the lighter oil is not The change of a lighter, Wei Zhe is very well captured.

After a period of observation, Guan Jinsheng realized that if Wei Zhe had to make copies, pour water, newspaper clippings, etc., it would be Qu Cai. Therefore, Wei Zhe, 24, became the deputy general manager of the central asset management office of Shanghai Wanguo Securities Co., becoming the youngest vice president of the national securities industry.

        Do not think that while you work punctually, do not arrive late, do not leave early or do your duty, you can get your salary with peace of mind. What is needed for the work is an automatic and spontaneous spirit. Employees who work spontaneously will receive more rewards from their work.

One of the essence of Microsoft’s corporate culture is that employees have to find things for themselves. All employees should take full advantage of their initiative and should have a strong sense of responsibility and passion.

In a nutshell, Microsoft’s way of working is «to give you an abstract task you want to perform.» For this, Mao Yonggang, the desktop application manager of the Microsoft China R & D Center, has a deep understanding. When he was recruited at Microsoft in 1997, he was responsible for the word. At that time, I only had a general understanding. No one told him what to do and what tools to use.

It communicated with the US headquarters. UU And he received the answer that everything had been done on his own. In this way, employees can maximize their initiative and design the most satisfactory products. In the end, Mao Yonggang successfully completed the task assigned to him by the company through his own efforts.

However, in real life, how many people are actively making progress in their jobs? Frankly speaking, many young people in most cases are stunned.

In fact, «work» is a vocabulary that includes wisdom, enthusiasm, faith, imagination and creativity. Nobody will tell you what to do, it depends on your initiative to think. Behind automatic spontaneous work, you need to pay more wisdom, enthusiasm and responsibility than others. When you clearly understand the company’s development plan and your job responsibilities, you can predict what to do and then act immediately, without the boss’s instructions.

We must understand that those who leave early and late every day are not necessarily those who work hard. Those who are busy every day are not necessarily the ones who have done a good job. Those who enter and arrive on time in time are not necessarily a dedicated person. For them, work is just a simple transaction. For each company and each boss, what they need is not just the right kind of compliance, but the lack of enthusiasm and responsibility, and can not be proactive and self motivated. Employees

When you understand this truth, take the initiative to do what you want to do. Do not wait for your boss and your boss to fix your work, your own life and when you do everything possible to do your job. At that time, you will get the best performance.