how to request a web domain registration and space,

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first request a domain name, go directly to the domain name company to buy.

relatively large domain name is the domestic business net millions, new network, WD these
Note that the .cn domain name must be archived, so choose .com, .net,. me, or others when choosing.

The space is virtual host, VPS, etc. Find a profitable space to buy space, when choosing the domestic space to file.
When choosing a space, if you do not want to record and want to choose the Hong Kong space quickly, this is the choice of many webmasters. Of course, the space you choose depends on your generosity and configuration. This is also an important factor that affects speed.

After buying the space, connect to your space in the DNS domain name, then link your domain name in the space configuration and then you can access your space through the domain name.
The intelligent line resolution of DNS is to add several analysis records for the same domain name. By adding these analysis records, you can set them according to the region where the IP addresses correspond to the network operator’s line.

For example, if you have a website, then you have 3 servers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, then you can add 3 analysis records when doing domain name resolution. Each analysis record corresponds to the IP of a server. Go and select the area at the same time.

Once this configuration is completed, users in Beijing will access the IP address of the server in Beijing without accessing the servers in Shanghai and Guangdong. Others are similar.

It is understood that the current national DNS.COM is a service provider platform that can provide such advanced domain name resolution functions.
If the network in your server’s computer room is still in a different network environment, you can also configure it according to the provider’s line. The method is the same as the previous one.
It is said that the DNS core of DNS.COM is developed independently. The processing capacity of a single machine can reach 200 million QPS, that is, it can respond to 200 million domain name resolution query requests per second, which is 100 times larger than the original Bind system it provides. DNS resolution.

The purchase of a domain name can be divided into three steps:

  1. Check if the domain name you want to buy is registered by someone else. If you have already registered, you can only choose another domain name. Detection of domain name registration
    Address: Domain name registration detection address
  2. After passing the test, complete your own domain name registration information. This domain name information must be true.
  3. Select the purchase period of the domain name and then pay the domain name fee.
    After the three steps above, you can successfully buy your domain name. The cost of a domain name is usually one year, if you
    If the domain name purchased exceeds the deadline and is not renewed, it will be canceled.
    Second, how to buy space.
    The purchase space can be divided into four steps:
  4. Choose the size of the space you want to buy. Here is a suggestion to create a new website. When buying space on a website, you can check the following
    Configure the size of the selection space.
  5. After selecting the size of the space you need, choose the type of space, be it Linux space or Windows space.
  6. The cost of the payment space. As with the purchase of a domain name, the cost of buying the space can be paid once a year, or it can be purchased for a few years at a time.
    According to my own needs.
  7. After the first three steps, the space has been successfully purchased. This step is mainly an improvement of space if you buy a small space
    Meanwhile, there is more and more data on the website. When the small space can not be stored, you can update the space to recover the space making the difference.
    The above is the process of buying space in four steps. After these operations, you can buy the domain name and the website space yourself.
    Extended data
  8. It will be deleted how long after the domain name expires.
    The domain name of the website is the website’s website number. Once the website is completed, the user can access the website through the domain name of the website. The domain name of the website is through the domain.
    The merchant record is obtained and, after the purchase period, the rate can be renewed and a