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Facebook is already an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Through it, you can not only connect with family and friends.

share your life, but also get new knowledge. A survey conducted in 26 countries by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford found that 51% of respondents used social media to watch the news and showed that Facebook has become a media platform.

However, Facebook discovered that the proportion of users who share original content on Facebook has gradually decreased in recent years.

Maybe you’re worried that users are no longer loyal to Facebook. Recently, they announced that they will modify the algorithm to reduce the proportion of media and ads to family and friends.

Dynamic messages are prioritized. As a result, it can improve the user experience, but it is very unfavorable for the media and the content marketing industry.

On the other hand, Facebook said that it will ensure that all messages have the same content, not to prefer the type of message shown, but through the use of Facebook by the user, such as “recover praise”, “hide “or” watch preventive “, etc.

The function, based on these behaviors to adjust what content to show, to “customize” the dynamic time of the individual. Therefore, according to the above rules, if the user shares the news on their own graffiti wall, the news can be displayed first on the graffiti wall of family and friends, so the publishers of the fan group should Pay more attention to the interaction. Instead of simply trusting the praise.

This algorithmic change can affect operators who rely too much on Facebook pages to drive click rates, especially media and content sellers, and the number of visits to their websites or shared content will decrease. However, from another perspective, if the content is published, the user feels willing to share it with their own graffiti wall, then the content will continue to have a display order of higher priority.
Although Facebook has a strong penetration power, it is aimed at the attention of netizens under the roof of others. To avoid being too restricted by Facebook, it is best to guide the crowd from the fan group to your official website and retain the regular customers. Therefore, after the Facebook rules change, it is even more important to go back and check if your website has the following points:

  1. The content of the website is continuously updated. I can not do it every day, at least one article per week, and communicate with Internet users.
  2. The architecture of the website must be “compatible with mobile devices”. Take advantage of the free tools developed by Google to see how high your action score is.
  3. If the score is not ideal enough, can you evaluate the review of my website or reduce the trial?
    Remember that the leader of the social platform is on Facebook and not on you. Only your own website is completely mastered.